Bringing the true Italian experience directly to West Lothian

We only use the finest Italian ingredients for our takeaway pizza

Our pizza dough is prepared fresh instore everyday and left for 48 hours to naturally mature before use. The Italian flavour is in the cooking too. The 350°C heat in our custom-made, log-fired Italian pizza oven gives our pizzas a special flavour and crispness.

But please, let’s not only talk about it… have a Taste. Buon Appetito!

Wide selection of pizzas

We offer a wide selection of pizzas, marked by delicate and complex ingredients. These combinations of flavours, along with the fresh pasta, cooked in personalized wood ovens, gives to our pizza a taste and a fragrance that are really difficult to forget.

The dough

Made fresh in our premise every day, is left to mature for 48 hours to ensure the best flavour. Our personal blend of the two most famous Italian flours, Caputo and 5Stagioni, provides an unique compromise between crispness and delicacy of the base. Hand stretched as in the best Italian tradition and cooked on stone with the magical wood heat guarantee an exceptional experience for the senses.

Our new oven

Straight from the heart of Italy comes our top choice oven. Made in Modena by MAM Ovens, the most renewed maker of stone baked pizza oven, to Whitburn to help us keep up with the growing demand.

The most advanced insulation technology united with the tradition and experience of 50 years guarantee perfect conditions to cook fantastic pizzas. Thank you MAM!

Our passion

I’ll never forget the Saturday’s dinner spent with my family and friends having pizzas and staring at the pizzaiolo making these beautiful creations. From the age of 16 starting as waiter and ending as pizza chef, my family thought was a nice way to have a wage during the studies. After a university degree in Statistics and Economics and six months sitting in an office couldn’t stop thinking how I liked more having my hands covered of flour than using a pc. With a bit disappointment in my parents eyes I went back to work with my pizzas and moving from one restaurant to another soon I felt I had learnt some good tricks to make the best pizza. At the age of 30 I wanted to see what pizza was outside of my national boundaries, and started a long trip through Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Netherland to finally find an end in Scotland. Thanks to these 4 years I could finally understand why it’s ok to have pineapple on a ham pizza! It’s true that pizza is born in Italy but now is definitely an international food, loved in every country and I believe this have to be understood from us chefs. Giovanni.

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